How To Start Foam Rolling

If you’ve never foam rolled before, you may want to learn a few basics before you get started. You can find endless “foam rolling for beginners” videos online that will explain how to safely roll out different parts of the body.

Or if you exercise at a gym with foam rollers, you can also ask a trainer to walk you through how to use one. You can also try foam rolling classes to learn how to use it effectively.

In general, follow these tips to get started:

  • Start with light pressure and build up as you get used to foam rolling. You may find it painful to foam roll at first if your muscles are tight. To adjust pressure, reduce the amount of body weight you’re putting onto the roller. For example, if you’re rolling out your calf, use your arms to help support your body and take some of your body weight off of the roller.
  • Slowly roll tender areas for 10 seconds to start, then work up to 30 to 60 seconds at a time.
  • Drink plenty of water after foam rolling to help with recovery.